Hacks on the Harbour 2023

Hacks on the Harbour is a maker & hacker festival - right next to Sønderborg harbour. We pair a great view with a diverse schedule. Expect several workshops, inspiring talks and a lot of space to connect with new people!

Get your ticket!

A ticket is required to attend the event. This helps us with the planning. Tickets are free, but you can support the event with an additional donation. Food will also be provided on Friday and Saturday evening.


Date: 08. - 10.09.2023 | .ics

🎥 Video from faab_e (opens new window)


Detailed programme under Pretalx (opens new window)

Friday - Day 1

When What
11:42 Set-up
18:42 Opening (opens new window)
19:00 What the f*** is up with Europe? A conversation about digital EU politics in the present and future with Karen Melchior (opens new window). We need your questions. Please write them here! (opens new window)
20:00 Hot-Dog Buffet (opens new window)
21:00 Tour of the library by Claus (opens new window)
23:59 End of Day 1

Saturday - Day 2

When What
08:00 Doors Opening Day 2
11:00 Soldering Introductory Workshop at the Soldering Station with Sven (opens new window)
12:00 3D Printing Taster Workshop at the 3D Printing Station with Alex (opens new window)
14:00 Toki pona for hackers (opens new window)
15:30 How to erase one's old identity (opens new window)
17:00 Pizza (opens new window)
23:59 End of Day 2

Sunday - Day 3

When What
08:00 Doors Opening Day 3
12:15 Closing & Goodbye (opens new window)
until ready Dismantling

➡️ The programme is always WIP (Work in Progress).

Detailed programme under Pretalx (opens new window)

Self Organised Session (SOS)

Of course, you can also spontaneously offer your own sessions. There is a SoS Pad (opens new window) for this purpose, where you can register. It's best if you also draw attention to it in other ways (e.g. Matrix).


You have more questions? Feel free to write us an email at hoth@chaostreff-flensburg.de

Who is the event aimed at?

This event is for anyone who is interested in or passionate about tinkering, programming, hacking, tinkering, soldering, 3D printing, chaos and net politics. You don't have to be an expert or have any previous knowledge to take part in this event.
**The best thing to do is just drop by.

You shouldn't come if you believe in conspiracy myths or don't want to "Be excellent to each other".

Communication during the event

A public Matrix room will be available for the participants of this event. Matrix is a free and public communication platform.
Access to the Matrix room can be found here #hoth-public:chaos.jetzt (opens new window).
More information about Matrix can be found on the element page (opens new window).

Where is the event located?

Biblioteket Sønderborg (Nørre Havnegade 15, 6400 Sønderborg, Dänemark)

Link Google Maps (opens new window)
Open Street Map (opens new window)


Dinner on Friday and Saturday will also be provided. The food will be vegetarian and vegan. There will also be gluten-free food.
On Friday evening there will be a hot dog buffet.
On Saturday evening we will order and eat pizza.

If you want to eat at other times, you will have to cater for yourself. But don't worry, there are several shops and restaurants nearby.

Do you need volunteers?

If you want to help with the workshops or build up and tear down, please reach out to us via email: hoth@chaostreff-flensburg.de. Only volunteers make the event possible.


🚗 Car

It takes about 40 minutes to get from Flensburg to Sønderborg. From Hamburg you should plan at least 2 hours and 15 minutes for the journey. From Apenrade it takes 30 minutes and from Kolding about 60 minutes. Use the navigation system of your choice.
There is a multi-storey car park next to the library (charges apply). There are also charging stations for electric cars. There are other parking spaces in the vicinity, some of which are free of charge.

Looking for a ride? We have created a networking ride share pad (opens new window).

🚂 Train

It is only a 12-minute walk from Sønderborg train station to the Biblioteket Sønderborg, but it takes you about 2 hours and 30 minutes by train from Flensburg. For this reason, we do not recommend it. From Kolding it takes about 1 hour and 19 minutes.

🚌 Shuttle from Flensburg

Due to low demand there will be no shuttle bus from Flensburg this year. We recommend travelling by public transport. From Flensburg there is the bus line 110.

🛥️ Bus

You can take bus line 110 (operated by Sydtrafik) from Flensburg to the station "Arnkilgade v sygehuset" and then walk for 15 minutes. It will take you a total of 1:20 hours. The price is about 6€. You can find more information on the website: sydatrafik.dk (opens new window).
If the price is a problem for you, write an email to hoth@chaostreff-flensburg.de and we will find a solution. For example: reimbursement of bus travel costs.

Bicycle and boat

There is no direct ferry connection to Sønderborg.
If you really want to travel by boat, there is a ferry connection from Langballigau to Sønderborg.
If you have your own boat, you can moor directly at the harbour.
From Flensburg it is 40 km by bike.
In Langballigau there is also a bicycle ferry to the Danish side of the fjord.


All participants must arrange their own accommodation. The library is closed at night. There is no overnight accommodation in the library.

Local school gym

Basic accommodation in a local school gym. You will need to bring all your own sleeping equipment. One large shared room. Showers available. Please be quiet and respectful when using this facility. 1km/15min walk from the library.
You NEED to get a ticket for this option
Ticket (opens new window)

Tents and cabins

There is the possibility to stay at Sønderborg Camping (opens new window) directly at the beach and only 30min walk/6min drive from the venue. If you want to stay the whole weekend with a tent, it costs about 42€ (opens new window) (the prices on the site are in Danish kroner). A cabin for two people is available from 135€ for the whole weekend (opens new window). There are also larger cabins. (https://sonderborgcamping.dk/uk/campinghutten.aspx).

Hotels & Hostels

Name What Distance Price
Steigenberger Alsik Hotel & Spa Spa&Luxury 2 minutes From 199€/night
Hotel Sønderborg Kaserne - 4 minutes Sold out?
Danhostel Sønderborg City Hostel 1,1km 133€/night; much cheaper for groups
Hotel Sønderborg Garni - 0,8km 100€/night
Hotel Sonderborg Strand;
Sure Hotel Collection
- 0,6km 110€/night
Scandic Sønderborg - 2,5km 210€

Can I come by to just meet new people or work on my own project?

Absolutely! That's exactly what our events are all about: hacking, tinkering and working on your own projects that you don't have time for at home and gaining new inspiration in the process. Another point is to make new connections and acquaintances. We have extra locations on site for this, which have often been used at our previous events. If you want to bring something bigger than just your laptop and Arduino (etc.), please write us a short email beforehand: hoth@chaostreff-flensburg.de

How much does a ticket cost?

The tickets are free, but you can contribute a voluntary amount to the event. The money will be administered by the Chaostreff Flensburg e.V. (non-profit).


There is tap water and coffee in the library. We will also bring a electric kettle, but it is better if you bring your own tea. We will also bring Mate, Fritz Cola and some Fritz lemonades and provide them for a donation (preferably in Euros). However, we can only bring a limited amount. So feel free to bring your own drinks or see what is available in the local shops. The selection will be different from other countries.

There will be no official bar. Again, you are invited to bring your own drinks and share with others.

Telephony (DECT)

Eventphone will offer their usual DECT phone network that you might know from other Chaos events.
You can simply bring a DECT handset (opens new window) and register an extension for yourself in Eventphone's registration utility (opens new window). The network will also support telephony via SIP (e.g. on your mobile phone or for anyone staying at home).

On-site hygiene

In Denmark, there are currently no hygiene restrictions because of Covidien. In general, the issue has been treated less strongly there than in Germany. We still ask that you do not come with an infectious disease. We will provide masks and Covid tests free of charge. There is no mask requirement on site. Please respect if others wear a mask.

Photo Policy

Not allowed are "unsolicited recordings or portraits (picture, video, sound) of other persons". However, as with our last events (opens new window), we want to have pictures as documentation of the event. Therefore, kekskurse (opens new window) will again be active as photographer. To make it easy to see who agrees to the publication of the pictures taken, we will have different coloured key rings for the name tags on site. Purple or yellow means you do not want your pictures to be published. Green or black means you agree. Unfortunately we did not get any lanyards. Therefore, there will be no group photo, but kekskurse will ask individually. Otherwise you can contact kekskurse if you would like to have photos with/of you. If you have any questions, please send us an email or talk to us on site. If you have any questions about this, write us an email or talk to us on site.

Quiet Room

There are two quiet rooms during the day. You can use them when you need a quiet break. The rooms are equipped with tables and chairs. Please be as quiet as possible and talk elsewhere if necessary. There is one room with wooden beams and a view of the water with the room number MP 1.1. This is right next to the "German Library". Please be very very quiet here.
The second room is room M3.2, it is a little smaller and has no direct window front to the outside. It can also be used as a quiet hackspace.
The second room is room M3.2, it is slightly smaller and does not have a direct window to the outside.
If you need help finding the room, you can always contact the Orga and the library staff. Both rooms are signposted.


You have feedback? We like to get it into our pad (opens new window)?

Contact Details?

Our Mastodon @chaos_fl@chaos.social